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    NextGen Sequencing

    Helix Biosciences Genomics India has extensive experience in cutting-edge genomics research, molecular genetics and Next generation sequencing technology. The massively parallel sequencing technology known as next-generation sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized the genomic research area. Helix Biosciences NGS team, enables researchers to perform a wide variety of applications and address complex biological questions. NGS allows large-scale DNA sequencing in which millions of nucleotide sequences are sequenced simultaneously and allows researchers to rapidly sequence entire genomes, deeply sequence a specific target regions, utilize RNA-Seq to discover novel RNA variants or quantify mRNAs for gene expression analysis, analyze DNA methylation and DNA-protein interactions, study the microbiome and identify novel pathogens.

    Helix Biosciences is committed to provide best-in-class NGS services that allow researchers to overcome technical hurdles and focus on the improvement of scientific learning. Our NGS services provide incomparable sensitivity and reproducibility for all of your research needs.

    At Helix Biosciences, we use the most advanced technology available from world leading providers that can provide data of hundreds of samples in a single run, with millions of individual DNA sequences produced per run. Over the years, our lab has optimized NGS processes and protocols to ensure the best possible scientific outcome for your research. We offer end to end services for your research needs (extraction, library preparation, sequencing and bioinformatics analysis) and also support our customer to design their experiment and to get the desired results.

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