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    Antibody Production

    Helix Biosciences has been proudly serving 10,000+ scientists since 2002. If you cannot find an antibody from our extensive antibody catalog to suit your research needs, then our custom antibody service team can help. The Helix Biosciences custom antibody production service allows you to take advantage of our in-house gene/peptide/protein production technologies to offer you the best in customized antibody productions at affordable prices. Our expert team can guide you through from project design to antigen selections, to help make the best choice in achieving your research goals. Many of our custom antibody packages do offer risk-free guarantees. There is absolutely no cost to you if we cannot produce the antibody.

    Please check out our risk-free polyclonal antibody production service packages and sample QA report. We offer risk free guarantee for most polyclonal antibody production using peptide or protein antigens from E. coli. No Antibody, No Charge. It is free of charge if we are not able to produce the Antibody. View select publications featuring custom antibody production services by Helix Biosciences:

    Polyclonal Antibody Production Service Highlights

    • Risk-free Guarantee: No Antibody, No Charge. Free of charge if the generated antibody does not meet the package guarantees. With peptide antigen, we guarantee ELISA >1:32,000 (OD=1) for the peptide antigen or free of charge. With protein antigen, we guarantee ELISA >1:32,000 (OD=1) and WB positive for the protein antigen or free of charge.
    • Low Price with Fast Turnaround: As low as $950 for 3-5mg affinity purified antibody, in as fast as 90 days!
    • One-Stop Services: From antigen design, peptide synthesis or protein production to antibody production services.
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