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    DNA & RNA Custom Oligos

    Helix Biosciences is a professional manufacturer of DNA synthesis, RNA synthesis, DNA sequencing and gene synthesis.Since its operation in 2006, all Helix Biosciences products have been certified by Sira Certification Service(SCS) as GB/ T19001-2016idt ISO9001:2015.In addition, Helix Biosciences has obtained the environmental management system certification of SCS GB/ T24001-2016idtISO14001:2015.Helix Biosciences's oligo probe synthesis and molecular biology kit was also certified by SCS's YY/ T0287-2017 / ISO13485:2016 medical device management system.

    Helix Biosciences's patented products, such as molecular weight standard products, genomic extraction kits, and PCR-related products, are all independently developed and produced.We have provided gene synthesis and DNA synthesis, RNA synthesis, and DNA sequencing services to over 100,000 scientists worldwide.Helix Biosciences has more than 50 licensed dealers

    worldwide.The goal of Helix Biosciences is to provide high-quality research products and customized solutions to researchers around the world with price advantages and product structure advantages, and to become a truly valuable partner in unraveling the mysteries of life sciences.

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