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MiniCute Imager Gel Doc System

MiniCute Imager Gel Doc System
MiniCute  Imager  is  an  easy  gel  image system. Compatible with MaestroGen UltraSlim® LED, UltraBright LED and UltraBright UV Transilluminators.
Embedded with Canon digital camera, 100% dark room for photography.
Switchable filters:Switchable UV and blue light filters
Compact:Smaller dimension, save your working area
Convenient:Wi-Fi compatible, easy to download and print the image
Easy-to-use:No complex interface, just operate the digital camera
Open system:High compatibility to other brand transilluminators
Cat No.MC-02
Outer Dimesnion(mm): WXDXH 275x238x250mm
Filter:Amber filter (for blue light) and UV-cut filter
Camrea:Canon EOS M-Series type
Effective pixel:24.7 Mega Pixels
LCD Size:3" TFT Color
Lens:5x lens,F1.8 (wide) -F8.0 (Telephoto)
Mode:Program (P),Aperture Priority (A) ,Shutter Priority (S),Manual (M)
Compatible Transilluminator :
UltraBright UV Transilluminator   MLB-21/MB-21 and MLB-16/MB-16
UltraBright LED Transilluminator  LB-16
UltraSlim® LED Illuminator  SLB-01W/SLB-03W