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BandPeeper LED Transilluminator

BandPeeper LED Transilluminator
MaestroGen offers BandPeeper real-time electrophoresis LED transilluminator for DNA gel fluorescent signal observation in water solution. Compatible with Mupid-size tank   (Mupid exU series: Mupid exU, Mupid ACE, and Mupid ONE)
Accurate electrophoresis duration control
Strong blue LED used with common nucleic acid dyes
Anti-fog design on amber filter; anti-water condensation
No decay for DNA gel (UV flashlamp decays DNA gel)
Innovation:The first platform for real-time electrophoresis in gel in the world
Convenient:Time and cost saving for new sample electrophoresis trial & error
Senstivity:2 ng nucleic acid
Safe:No damage to you and your samples
Outer Dimension(mm)  166Dx170Wx51H
Viewing aream (mm) 150Dx60W
Wavelength (nm) 470 nm
Light Source  Blue LED Light
Filter Type  Amber Filter
Filter Surface Anti-Fog Treatment
PCBA surface Anti-Moisture treatment
Compatibility Mupid Tanks (mupid exU Series:exU ,ACE,and ONE)