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MN-917 MaestroNano

MaestroNano is a specialized instrument that developed by Maestrogen for 
bio-chemical research only.
The main function of MaestroNano is the concentration measurement from 
two micro-liter nucleic acid or protein solution. 
Nucleic acid means double-stranded nucleic acid (dsDNA), single-stranded 
nucleic acid (ssDNA), and ribonucleic acid (RNA). After dispensing sample on 
the surface of the central area of the quartz glass, users can select sample type 
and begin to measure.
MaestroNano is a “non-optical-fiber” system, which can contribute to the 
longer product life-time compared to others embedded with optical fiber as 
MaestroNano offers a user-friendly interface and also discards the external 
physical buttons so that users can get a better experience when doing the