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UVP Chemi Doc System

  • Wide aperture lens optics capture more light in low-light applications. Signals come faster and are stronger
  • Small footprint to maximize the use of laboratory bench space
  • Available as either a PC-operated unit or as a stand-alone instrument with an integrated color touchscreen
  • Overhead white, green, red and blue LEDs come as standard in the series
  • “Slide2Hide“ door or fold down door minimizes benchtop interferences
  • Includes Ethidium Bromide emission filter in an easy-to-access filter wheel with to up to five positions
  • Chemi tray for sample placement on the black, non-reflective surface
  • VisionWorks Software, with comprehensive features, optimizes image acquisition and analysis

Next generation of Gel and Blot Imagers

No matter what your preferred method of western blotting is, the UVP ChemStudio Series features the highest sensitivity in gel analysis and blotting available. Fluorescent western blotting is the preferred method for quantitative comparisons between protein samples and for detection of multiple proteins. However, the ChemStudio and ChemStudio PLUS systems were built with flexibility in mind, providing standard RGB and IR detection as an option.

Whatever your preferred research method, the UVP ChemStudio product family was built to streamline your protocol from detection to analysis, providing the most accurate quantitation of data for an unlimited range of applications.

The UVP ChemStudio product family features the newest technology, a brand new software interface and top-of-the-line camera options, which guarantees a wider dynamic range of imaging than ever before. With a Studio in your lab, your research is unlimited.