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Liquid Handling and Automated Extraction by InnuPure C16 touch

One instrument, two technologies, full flexibility
Whether magnetic particle separation or novel SmartExtraction technology – the InnnuPure C16 touch significantly increases efficiency in nucleic acid extraction. Whatever your extraction method, the InnuPure C16 touch not only delivers higher yields and highly reproducible results but also helps you find the ideal combination of kit, protocol, and parameters.
Highly flexible DNA and RNA extraction
Two reliable functions: magnetic particle separation and SmartExtraction
The best solution for every material
Adapts to your requirements
Nucleic acid extraction – Simple, fast, and error-free
The InnuPure C16 touch combines high-precision liquid handling and the automated extraction of high-quality nucleic acids. The device sets new standards in terms of safety and user-friendliness. Pipetting errors are not an issue thanks to ready-to-use reagent plastic.
Pipette tips with aerosol filters prevent contamination
Optional UV lamp prevents further sources of contamination
Intuitive operation with a 10"-tablet PC
Software with individual optimization recommendations, depending on the materials involved
Proficiency in the field of liquid handling
Liquid handling and lab automation technologies are among Analytik Jena's main areas of competence – with over 25 years of experience in the area of High Throughput (HTS).
Precise pipetting system for a high level of safety
The InnuPure C16 touch’s high-precision pipetting system ensures accurate and reproducible procedures at all times. The integrated dosage unit permits the elution volume to be set from 20 to 500 μl and be transferred automatically. The extraction kits reduce the risk of cross-contamination to an absolute minimum. The aerosol filters of the pipette tips reliably prevent contamination of dosage units and samples. Another advantage of the Innupure C16 touch is the piercing tool, this tool eliminates the need for manual removal of foils from the sealed reagent plastic. The system virtually eliminates the need to mix buffer solutions, which can lead to drops in performance. A UV lamp for efficient decontamination is also available as an option.
High-precision liquid handling and outstanding reproducibility
Straightforward and user-friendly with a high level of safety
Optional: UV lamp