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Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction with CyBio FeliX

The Powerhouse for Nucleic Acid Extraction
CyBio FeliX extract is the solution for automated nucleic acid extraction in the 96-well format: Pipetting platform, extraction kits, software and consumables form a unit that accelerates your extraction workflow, delivers better results and makes your work easier.
Efficient - purification of up to 96 samples parallel
Reliable - reproducible results
Optimized - hardware and kits work hand in hand
Valid - extraction without carryover effects
Future proof - ideal for extraction of high molecular weight DNA
Install & Extract - CyBio FeliX & Extraction Set
A unique combination of hardware, software and kits: The CyBio FeliX Extraction Set makes your CyBio FeliX the ideal extraction system. This solution offers the possibility of high-throughput nucleic acid extraction on the CyBio FeliX and full flexibility regarding the number of samples to be processed. Choose freely between one and 96 samples to be purified - depending on your individual requirements. By using pre-filled extraction kits or performing pre-fill routines, necessary manual steps can be reduced to a minimum. Thanks to pre-installed extraction protocols for the Application Studio CyBio FeliX eXtract, extraction procedures can be started without any programming effort. Furthermore, with only a few modifications you can use CyBio FeliX for other laboratory routines, such as sample preparation or an automated PCR setup.
Start Your Application With a Few Clicks
The Application Studio CyBio FeliXextract was developed especially for the extraction applications by Analytik Jena. Start your application with just a few clicks in the visual interface. The software has a pre-installed library of extraction protocols that saves you time-consuming configuration. Simply select one of the pre-installed protocols, determine the elution volume and your application can begin.
Intuitive, visual user interface
Customizable design
Optimized protocols for various extraction applications