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Hand Held U V Lamp

Hand Held U V Lamp is a basic device for visualizing fluorescence-stained gels.This model adopted the plastics injection moulding case that make the structure safer and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for observing the running sample of nucleic acid.


■ Small and compact unit;

■ Lightweight durable plastic lamps;

■ Portable;

■ Chosing 254nm or 365nm UV light;

■ Simple and easy to use. Specifications:

■ Filter Size:177 × 48 (mm);

■ Wavelength: 254nm and 365nm;

■ Power of UV light: 254nm: 8W, 365nm:8W;

■ Light transmittance: Light transmittance of wavelength (230nm-400nm) ≥ 40%;

■ Power source : Voltage of power source: AC 220V±22V ; Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz;

■ Dimensions(LXWXH): 320 X 54 X 90 (mm);

■ Net weight: 0.5 kg.

Applications: For viewing electrophoresis sample of nucleic acid during the running or fluoresce