Simply the Best in PCR
In the Analytik Jena thermal cycler portfolio, every user will find the right device: The Biometra product family offers PCR devices ranging from standard to premium equipment – all designed in line with the common principles of being reliable, convenient, and precise.
Designed for error-free use in versatile laboratory environments: universal block design and heating lid with High-Performance Smart Lid (HPSL) technology for unrestricted use of different plastic containers and plates
Easily optimize your PCR protocols using the Linear Gradient Function (LGT) or the TOS (Temperature Optimization Step) function
Full reliability of your results: The high-precision block temperature control system provides high heating and cooling rates and excellent temperature homogeneity for constant conditions across all sample positions.
Intelligent with detailed precision
Featuring top quality and detailed precision, Biometra thermal cyclers make your lab workday easier and ensure excellent results.
Self-explanatory, rapid operations with graphics and table programming options
Easy to use, thanks to the protocol wizard, and GLP-compliant through the advanced user management in the Biometra TAdvanced and Biometra TRIO systems
Whisper-quiet and small footprint: optimum air flow control ensures maximum performance in any laboratory
Continual information on the device’s status through the extended self-test
Biometra TAdvanced and TRIO – Product Animation
The Biometra TAdvanced is the high-performance thermal cycler for DNA amplification by PCR.
The Biometra TRIO is a triple powered thermal cycler for PCR providing three independent sample blocks which can run three different PCR reactions in parallel.

The Biometra Eco-Line for two gel sizes "Mini" and "Maxi" is a robust, modular tank system for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and tank blotting. The buffer tank can be used with the electrophoresis module for 1 to 4 gels (Mini) or 1 to 2 gels (Maxi) as well as with the blotting module. The stable design and user-friendly components such as the gel pouring stand for leak-proof pouring of gels as well as the blotting module with color-coded cassettes for error-free blotting ensure a smooth workflow in the laboratory.

  • Eco-Mini for 9.4 cm x 8.0 cm gels
  • Eco-Maxi for 19.4 cm x 18.5 cm gels
  • Tanks with cooling connections for water cooling for sensitive samples.


Ideal for PAGE Electrophoresis and Blotting Applications

With Biometra Eco-Line, Analytik Jena offers a robust, modular tank system for PAGE electrophoresis and blotting applications to support you in your protein analysis. Specially designed for everyday use, gels can be casted quickly, easily and in a space-saving manner in the electrophoresis module. The unique high-tech sealing material used in the gel casting stand ensures leak-free gel casting. Glass plates with fixed spacers also facilitate handling and help you to save valuable time in routine laboratory work. In addition to the comfortable option of running two to four gels simultaneously, the modular tank design also extends the range of applications.

  • 2 Models for mini and maxi gels
  • Optional blot module to extend the application range
  • Bigfoot safety lid
  • Extra strong glass plates with fixed spacers for long-term durability


With a wide selection of different combs in combination with unique Divider-Plates (optional for Eco-Mini available) and a specially designed buffer tank, we offer the most flexible and powerful solution to meet your needs perfectly. In addition, the integrated water circulation system (buffer tank EBC) sets new standards in the electrophoretic protein analysis and allows reliable separation of sensitive samples under controlled temperature conditions.

  • Eco-Mini Divider-Plates: with increased sample throughput, the gel capacity can easily increased from 2 to 4 gels
  • Efficient cooling (buffer tank EBC) ensures high separation resolution
  • Extensive accessories offer individual adaptations to your laboratory needs

Tank Blot Apparatus and Blotting Modules For Gentle Blotting of Large and Temperature-Sensitive Proteins

Best suited for large proteins and native enzymes
During tank blotting proteins are transferred in a vertical buffer tank between electrodes arranged on the sidewalls onto membranes. Tank blotting is recommended particularly for blotting of large molecules (> 100 resp. 200 kDa, depending on the proteins characteristics) or of proteins which are difficult to transfer with other blotting techniques. It is the method of choice also for native and temperature-sensitive proteins. Transfer can be done fast or overnight. Thanks to the higher buffer volume transfer times of more than 24 h can be realised, e. g. for gentle blotting of very big proteins. Different models are available: The highly sophisticated Tankblot for mini-gels offers the most effective cooling by the laterally integrated cooling jacket. Tankblot Eco-Mini and Tankblot Eco- Maxi are part of the modular Eco-Line and offer highly effective cooling of small and large gels by integrated cooling bases. The Mini-V8·10 Blot Module is designed for use in the buffer tank of the Mini-V8·10 vertical gel electrophoresis apparatus.

In the Tankblot a cooling jacket is integrated into the sidewalls. This results in convective chilling by circulation: the temperature is distributed more homogeneously (± 0.5 °C at 6 °C buffer temperature) than with other designs that use a magnetic stirrer circulating the buffer. Additionally this special design prevents formation of ion gradients without the need for a magnetic stirrer. Depending on the selected buffer, transfer can be fast (between 30 min. and 4 h) or, under exceptionally gentle conditions, overnight (ca. 12 h). Thanks to the buffer volume of 1,200 ml long transfer times can be realised.

Tankblot Eco-Line
Wire electrodes are placed on the side walls to provide uniform, reproducible protein transfer over a wide molecular weight range. The lower buffer chamber with built-in cooling base absorbs heat generated during rapid transfers and allows temperature controlled runs. A stir bar may be added to the buffer chamber to further improve buffer circulation and heat exchange. The colour coded blotting cassettes in combination with the colour coded connectors for the Bigfoot Safety Lid ensure accurate orientation of the gel sandwich during the transfer. The tankblot is available as stand-alone apparatus or as a module compatible with the buffer chamber EBC (with integrated cooling base) or EB (without cooling option).

The Electrophoresis Module for Eco-Mini and Eco-Maxi are available separately and will convert the corresponding tank blotting systems into powerful PAGE electrophoresis systems.

Tankblot Eco-Mini
Tankblot Eco-Mini is designed to transfer up to four PAGE mini-gels (up to 9.5 cm x 8.5 cm) in separate blotting cassettes simultaneously. The special design of the blotting cassettes allows easy assembly and loading into the blot module. Additional the assembly defends blotting sandwiches from squeezing.

Tankblot Eco-Maxi
Tankblot Eco-Maxi is the large version for gel sizes up to 22 cm x 19 cm. The system offers the capacity of multiple transfers: several small gels or 1 large gel per cassette. Up to 2 large gels can be transferred simultaneously in separate blotting cassettes. The special design for fixing the blotting sandwich in the blotting cassette prevents squeezing and allows easy handling.


Product Details

Suitable solution for your application
The Biometra Compact series consist of five models for a different sample throughput. The innovative concept of ergonomic design, simple operation and outstanding performance has been proven one´s worth many times, making the Compact family the perfect choice for manual nucleic acid analysis.

  • Compact XS / S for mini gels with gel tray XS or S
  • Compact M for midi gels with gel tray M
  • Compact L / XL for maxi gels with gel tray L or XL

Nucleic acid analysis in perfection
The Biometra Compact family was developed for professional measurements and analysis of nucleic acids in research and routine laboratories. Due to their excellent resolution, the horizontal electrophoresis systems offer a greater precision and thus better data interpretation accuracy, even with small nucleic acid fragments.
Well suited for daily use, the Biometra Compact systems are characterized by a high-quality acrylic construction, a unique bigfoot safety lid, and the use of durable components such as corrosion protected platinum electrodes and gold-coated plugs. This guarantees maximum durability and reliability in all applications.

  • Precise separation
  • High quality components and excellent design for long-term reliability
  • Highest standards in operational safety

The innovative gel casting systems set new standards in terms of speed and ease-of-use." Plug-and-cast "gel casting systems for the gel tray sizes XS, S and M guarantee leak-proof gel casting in seconds: just drop the gel tray in and fix with minor contact pressure - done! For the maxi gels L and XL an easy to use gel casting system with adjustable feet and bull´s eye level is available.

  • Unique gel casting systems ensure simple and leak-free gel casting
  • Extensive accessories provide a high level of versatility