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The top performer among real-time PCR thermal cyclers
Do you rely on low operating costs, fast analysis times, and obtaining the best results – all at a high sample volume? Our qTOWER³ product portfolio raises your real-time PCR workflow to the next level. Reduce your number of repeat analyses, increase your analysis speed, and significantly reduce your cost per sample in the process. The qTOWER³ thermal cycler also provides you with state-of-the-art heating technology and temperature homogeneity, which is immediately reflected in more accurate results.
Outstanding performance – qTOWER³
Patented fiber optic system for ideal real-time polymerase chain reaction signals
Innovative sample block technology for the best thermal conductivity
Expandable filter module system for maximum flexibility
qPCRsoft package for easy control and operation
qTOWER³ Product Family – Product Animation
The qTOWER³ product family guarantees well-founded real-time results as it benefits from peerless temperature control precision in the sample block regardless of the number of samples used – the number of samples can range from 96 up to 384.The patented high-performance optics guarantee the outstanding homogeneous excitation and illumination of all individual samples. The qTOWER³ product family achieves unique flexibility with its proven filter module equipment, which can be freely configured and expanded at any time, and enables up to six-fold multiplexing.

ScanDrop2 – Maximum Flexibility in UV/Vis Spectrophotometry
Precise: UV/Vis absorption measurements between 190 nm to 1000 nm
Optimum: CCD detector for optimized resolution Toluene-hexane: A@269 / A@269
Powerful: <2 s per spectrum/ sample for fast results
Long-lasting: Highly precise optical system combined with a powerful xenon flash lamp
Simple: Easy handling just pipette the sample and take your measurement
Intelligent: Rotating mechanism opens instrument for optimum access and view of the 10” tablet PC
Comfortable: 2D scanning area adaptable to different center heights
Versatile: Interchangeable adapters prevent contact between samples and the optical system
Compatible: Interchangeable adapters available for microliter measurement cells and standard cuvettes
Versatile: Highly precise measurements with or without consumables
Practical: Walk-away principle applies to everything from individual samples to simple series of samples
Reliable: Entirely eliminates evaporation, cross-contamination and sample carryover effects
Modern: Stand-alone operation from an integrated 10” tablet and/ or PC
Cost-efficient No charge for software licenses or updates
Universal: A variety of modules and preinstalled methods for customized data processing
Multilingual: Available in multiple languages
Efficient, Robust Spectrophotometer
The ScanDrop2 is a versatile, robust instrument that is user friendly without sacrificing measurement reliability. Optimized for the UV/Vis range, its symmetrical Czerny-Turner design with a linear CCD detector ensures excellent stability and reproducible results while offering a high level of resolution (Toluoene-hexane: A@269 / A@269).
Its long-lasting xenon flash lamp, which, unlike other systems, requires no warm-up phase, means that the ScanDrop2 is immediately ready-to-use. At 109 flashes (approx. 100,000 hours), the product life of this lamp exceeds that of conventional light sources by orders of magnitude, delivering fast results and measurements that only take ~2 s per spectrum. The heart of the ScanDrop2 is the polychromator system, which uses no moving components. The settings are permanent, and the system is fixed in place and resistant to external influencing factors, eliminating the need for calibration.
Innovative Design for Reliable Handling
The instrument opens automatically in the front with a 180° rotation, which offers both right and left handed users an optimal access to sample positioning. This also guarantees an unobstructed view of the adapted 10” tablet PC used for operating the instrument every time. In addition, this eliminates the need for opening the instrument manually in order to introduce the samples, making the ScanDrop² fast and easy to use.
Interchangeable adapters accommodate samples in a variety of cuvettes-operators can also introduce samples directly without the use of consumables. The adapters used are then moved to their defined measurement positions inside the instrument. Because the 2D scan area of the ScanDrop2 accommodates sample detection at a variety of center heights (ranging from 8.5 to 15 mm), testing does not depend on the type of cuvette, the manufacturer or the fill level of the solution. In addition, the sample cannot come into contact with the instrument’s optical system, eliminating the need for cleaning after testing.
Flexible Adaption to Meet a Variety of Demands
CHIPCUVETTE: The ScanDrop2 utilizes the unique, patented CHIPCUVETTE, which allows the user to test samples ranging in volume from 0.3 μl to 4 μl. At the same time, CHIPCUVETTE includes 16 individual microchannels, each with two different path lengths (0.1 mm and 1.0 mm) a feature that entirely eliminates sample evaporation, crosscontamination and carryover effects. Up to 32 measurements can be taken per run, with the option of performing double determinations at two different path lengths. This feature offers an unbeatable advantage when the sample concentrations are not known, as it eliminates the need for an additional sample dilution in many cases.
Standard Cuvette Adapter: An adapter for the ScanDrop2 is also available that can accommodate up to 8 different 10 mm cuvettes. Automatic sample positioning based on previously defined center heights makes it possible to use 10 mm cuvettes with different center heights (8.5 mm, 12 mm or 15 mm).
Butterfly Cuvette: The innovative Butterfly Cuvette can be used for testing up to 9 samples (volumes in the microliter range) and completely eliminates the need for consumables. Test preparation in the ScanDrop2 is as easy as pipetting the sample into the positions of the Butterfly Cuvette adapter just insert the adapter, pipette the sample, and start your measurement. As another userfriendly feature, the cuvette flips open and shut automatically with no manual intervention required.
Reliable Data Capture and Simple Evaluation
The integrated 10” tablet PC turns the ScanDrop2 into a compact, stand-alone system based on Windows 8.1 that can be operated with no peripherals. The ScanDrop2 can also be operated from a standard PC or laptop. In addition to its easy-to-use, uncluttered menu interface, the software also comes with a series of preinstalled methods for analyzing nucleic acids and proteins, thus entirely satisfying the demands of life-science customers.
The quick-start menu offers a fast, uncomplicated way of calling up frequently used methods. The use of a mathematical module allows users to create, save and reuse specific formulas. With the aid of the quantification module, users can automatically analyze samples of unknown concentration, and create a calibration curve using standard samples. The UV/Vis module can be used for cyclic or kinetic sample measurements.
Users can transfer the data they generate or directly to a USB stick. Another extraordinarily convenient feature is the optional barcode reader, which can be used for scanning in sample information, and for tracking and documenting sample processing.

The Powerhouse for Nucleic Acid Extraction
CyBio FeliX extract is the solution for automated nucleic acid extraction in the 96-well format: Pipetting platform, extraction kits, software and consumables form a unit that accelerates your extraction workflow, delivers better results and makes your work easier.
Efficient - purification of up to 96 samples parallel
Reliable - reproducible results
Optimized - hardware and kits work hand in hand
Valid - extraction without carryover effects
Future proof - ideal for extraction of high molecular weight DNA
Install & Extract - CyBio FeliX & Extraction Set
A unique combination of hardware, software and kits: The CyBio FeliX Extraction Set makes your CyBio FeliX the ideal extraction system. This solution offers the possibility of high-throughput nucleic acid extraction on the CyBio FeliX and full flexibility regarding the number of samples to be processed. Choose freely between one and 96 samples to be purified - depending on your individual requirements. By using pre-filled extraction kits or performing pre-fill routines, necessary manual steps can be reduced to a minimum. Thanks to pre-installed extraction protocols for the Application Studio CyBio FeliX eXtract, extraction procedures can be started without any programming effort. Furthermore, with only a few modifications you can use CyBio FeliX for other laboratory routines, such as sample preparation or an automated PCR setup.
Start Your Application With a Few Clicks
The Application Studio CyBio FeliXextract was developed especially for the extraction applications by Analytik Jena. Start your application with just a few clicks in the visual interface. The software has a pre-installed library of extraction protocols that saves you time-consuming configuration. Simply select one of the pre-installed protocols, determine the elution volume and your application can begin.
Intuitive, visual user interface
Customizable design
Optimized protocols for various extraction applications

Product Details
Broad portfolio of Lysis Tubes enables individual extensions of the homogenizing system
Touch control panel and large display provide considerable operating convenience
Pre-programed protocols or user-defined programing with freely selectable parameters
Compact construction
Can easily be operated continuously with
No tools required to operate the instrumenty
Homogenizing comparably low-noised
Homogenizer for various starting materials
The SpeedMill PLUS is a highly efficient homogenization system for various starting materials used for the subsequent isolation and purification of DNA, RNA or proteins. The homogenization process is based on an innovative mechanical principle for which a patent has been filed. This new process allows users to operate the SpeedMill PLUS continuously if necessary. The high efficiency of energy input into the sample, based on a vertical movement, procures a homogeneous disruption of the sample without destroying the target molecules.
Efficient sample cooling: prior, during and after preparation
For the optimized sample holder, which is used inside the SpeedMill PLUS, different temperature ratings are freely selectable due to the storage down to –80 °C. According to this an efficient sample cooling during the whole homogenization process is warranted and the substantial sample warming that occurs with other homogenizers is prevented. The often problematic handling of liquid nitrogen or dry ice is thus a thing of the past. Additionally the considerably expense factor of this additives, which have to be loaded continuously, is not applicable. Besides the sample holder allows an easy transport of the sample tubes and a long term storage of starting or homogenized material at adequate temperatures.
Modern preparation of samples: SpeedMill PLUS
The samples to be processed are rapidly and efficiently homogenized in Lysis Tubes that have been specially optimized for the system and, as such, contain different and/or application-specific beads. Using beads makes it possible to completely and reproducibly homogenize even the toughest starting materials, such as cartilage and chitin shells of insects or ticks within a very short time. 2.0 ml and 0.5 ml containers (Lysis Tubes) with different beads are available for sample preparation, allowing users to adapt sample processing to a diverse range of soft and hard starting materials. Operating processes, such as loading and removing of the sample tubes, are very simple and no tools are required. In addition userdefined protocols can be entered and saved as well as pre-installed programs are available. Homogenization parameters, like time and using cyclic routines are freely selectable.
Optimized extraction kits for the SpeedMill
The SpeedMill also accommodates kits for complete nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) isolation from various starting materials. All kits have been optimized for the SpeedMill for extremely fast and efficient nucleic acid isolation. The yields produced are impressively high and the quality of the isolated nucleic acids is outstanding. These kits contain special
Lysis Tubes with application-specific beads as well as pre-made buffers. They also contain all other components needed for isolating DNA or RNA from different starting materials. Optimized kits for sample processing with the SpeedMill results in extremely rapid and highly efficient nucleic acid isolation. Both the yield and quality of the nucleic acids are excellent. The standard isolation protocol requires only about 20 to 30 minutes.

One instrument, two technologies, full flexibility
Whether magnetic particle separation or novel SmartExtraction technology – the InnnuPure C16 touch significantly increases efficiency in nucleic acid extraction. Whatever your extraction method, the InnuPure C16 touch not only delivers higher yields and highly reproducible results but also helps you find the ideal combination of kit, protocol, and parameters.
Highly flexible DNA and RNA extraction
Two reliable functions: magnetic particle separation and SmartExtraction
The best solution for every material
Adapts to your requirements
Nucleic acid extraction – Simple, fast, and error-free
The InnuPure C16 touch combines high-precision liquid handling and the automated extraction of high-quality nucleic acids. The device sets new standards in terms of safety and user-friendliness. Pipetting errors are not an issue thanks to ready-to-use reagent plastic.
Pipette tips with aerosol filters prevent contamination
Optional UV lamp prevents further sources of contamination
Intuitive operation with a 10"-tablet PC
Software with individual optimization recommendations, depending on the materials involved
Proficiency in the field of liquid handling
Liquid handling and lab automation technologies are among Analytik Jena's main areas of competence – with over 25 years of experience in the area of High Throughput (HTS).
Precise pipetting system for a high level of safety
The InnuPure C16 touch’s high-precision pipetting system ensures accurate and reproducible procedures at all times. The integrated dosage unit permits the elution volume to be set from 20 to 500 μl and be transferred automatically. The extraction kits reduce the risk of cross-contamination to an absolute minimum. The aerosol filters of the pipette tips reliably prevent contamination of dosage units and samples. Another advantage of the Innupure C16 touch is the piercing tool, this tool eliminates the need for manual removal of foils from the sealed reagent plastic. The system virtually eliminates the need to mix buffer solutions, which can lead to drops in performance. A UV lamp for efficient decontamination is also available as an option.
High-precision liquid handling and outstanding reproducibility
Straightforward and user-friendly with a high level of safety
Optional: UV lamp